Saturday 24 February 2024

Devilry Afoot - Unleash the hounds!

This week I have focused on painting up canines for games of Devilry Afoot. To the left we have a companionable dog, loosely based on my own scruffy wee critter. On the right, the fearsome barghest. For scale I have matched them with a Bloody Miniatures pipe-puffing goodman in the photos below.

In Devilry Afoot, dogs are intended to be useful aids to a hunting party, but not necessarily savage war dogs, slabbering to tear monsters limb from limb. Hunting parties are designed to be made up of members of a normal community, not elite monster-hunters belonging to a secret society. They are unlikely to own dogs trained for hunting anything larger than a wolf and so dogs should not be intended to close with a monster. Think of them more as advanced warning systems that help the hunters to locate their monstrous foes. This perky wee fellow is from Magister Militum (now presumably OOP?).

The opposite extreme is the barghest. Sometimes known as Black Shuck, the barghest is a hellhound, summoned from the otherworld to wrack the Devil’s vengeance on man. Known for its giant black dog-like frame, and fiery red eyes, the baying calls of the barghest haunts the moors and boglands, serving as an omen of death and doggedly stalking its prey. Its ghastly appearance and ominous presence evoke a heightened fear matched only be the curse of its bite – the wounds of which are rumoured never to fully heal. The model is from Heresy Miniatures and is a truly hulking beasty.

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