Sunday 25 February 2024

Mark VI Érineach Preservers - completing the squad?

Taking a slight detour from the painting schedule, I added a sixth Mark VI preserver to my beaky marine squad this weekend.  A little background for the rest of the squad was given back in October 2023. Now, a heavy-weapon toting chappie joins the crew as Brother F. I already have a wee tech support asset and a scout sniper and another five 40K 2nd edition scouts that can be scrounged out of the bits box if I ever need to add them.

I'm not sure when they will see action. I have very little interest in what 40K has become over the last 25 years really. Ideally I'd like to use them in an over-sized game of This is Not a Test  at some point, but should the need ever arise, I also now have enough painted marines for a Kill Team.

1 comment:

  1. Great looking squad and nothing says space marine more than a great big gun!