Sunday 11 March 2012

Irregular State of the Nation

I am not prone to writing virtual diary entries (blogs I believe they are called... crazy...), but I thought it was time for a combined arms account of my wargaming projects as they stand.

1) Irregular Wars: Conflict at the Worlds End - new edition on its way
The revised edition of Irregular Wars is currently being formatted and proofed over at Vexillia Ltd. Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for a full release announcement and details of the changes. In short, these include a better system for scenario generation including Cattle raids and ambushes, and  24.3% more battle lists!

2) The 2012 Pendraken Painting Competition
The judges have come out of their symposium, the votes have been tallied. The decisions are final, and I have been asked to leave the tribal... hold on a second. I've just hopped on a tangent. The results of the Pendraken painting competition have been announced with some very favourable results for yours truly (HERE and to a lesser extent, here). I entered my HotT Duchy of Cheddar rats into two categories and placed both! I really was flabbergasted by the results as there were some truly lovely pieces there for the judges to choose from. A big thanks to Leon, the rest of the Pendraken crew, the judges and all the other entries for a lovely showcase of 10mm artwork (and the prizes!).
Winner - Best Vehicle
2nd Place - 'Anything Goes' Open Category

3) The Heroes of Hedgerow gather - New SBH warband using Splintered Light Miniatures
I have just received the 'Druid's Children - Faithful' set from Splintered light so that I could start putting together one or more (it'll be more) warbands for SBH to replace the rats from Cheddar. Dave McBride from Splintered Light was happy enough to accommodate my request to swap out the badger figure for a beaver and, by golly, I'm glad he did. I have a week or so with no paid work coming up - I do have a lot of admin jobs to do - but the rest of the gang will be painted up soon I hope (along with the last of my Irregular Wars Spanish). Here is just a taster.
Bors the Beaver

4) Moving o'er the waters
I'm feeling the need to do lots of painting and posting this month because we have just put our home up for sale in Australia and will be relocating in the UK as soon as the sale goes through - initially to my in-law's in Belfast, and then somewhere else.... As part of the big move, all of my miniatures, terrain, rules etc will have to go by sea and will be out of reach for several months. Then I will have to find a new wargaming community to roll dice with. Lots of excitement and just a little trepidation for the months ahead!


  1. All the very best with the forthcoming move.
    best wishes

  2. Fantastic results for the 'Furry Fighters' of Cheddar; much deserved in my opinion. Best of luck with the move too.

  3. Congrats on IW 2.0 and the painting competition. The result doesn't surprise me at all - your rats are brilliant. I'm certainly not looking forward to you moving, but all the best for it. Work has been insane, but I'll have to catch up with you for some games in the next week or so.