Monday 5 March 2012

New minions to skulk in the shadows or light up your swamp.

Recently arrived from across the waters, I'm pleased to present two new SBH characters to round out two of my warbands (a fourth warband to replace the transfer of the Cheddar rats is in the post - insha'allah). The Battle Honours page has been updated.

Joining the boys from Ballybogside, Milik is a púca (phooka), a shape-shifting Irish goblin and trickster. Often appearing as a black horse, goat or rabbit, Milik's favoured form is a black cat. Her role in the militia is to scout ahead in the shadows and disrupt enemy movements by distracting them. 
Q:2 C:1 distract, free disengage, stealth (58 points)

To the north, a Will o' the Wisp has come to do the bidding of Sycorax, the tundra shaman. Will o' the wisps  are ethereal lights which traditionally drew travelers at night to their deaths across bogs and moorlands. I'm testing out drain special rule to reflect the wisp's  incorporeal  nature. He can't knock an enemy back, but he can tire them out.
Q:3 C:3 artificial, drain, flying (72 points)

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