Monday, 5 March 2012

Southern Battle Gamers DBA Historical Competition 2012 - March (results)

A year ago, at the SBG DBA Historical comp, I managed (through little fault of my own) to be declared the Imperator (HERE) and got my name on a plaque. This year I wasn't quite so lucky - or skilled -  and managed a measly two draws and three losses... This Imperator has certainly misplaced his mojo. Well done to Martin for bringing home the proverbial bacon and ensuring that none of the previous winners got their name on the plaque a second time.

I lead Alexander's Macedonians to their Paionian doom....

My Early Samurai stall the Koreans to a draw.

An Athenian expeditionary force is crushed in Thrace.

A reprise in which I led the Paionian defence against Macedonia - and drew.

Another Paionian/Macedonian reprise in which I
managed to scrape defeat from the jaws of victory

An unexpected discovery this time round is that most people have a secret fear of psiloi. Both playing a psiloi army and having also ten elements of psiloi surging towards their lines. Personally I'm fond of the wee beggars, but I found my opponents fairly timid. I tended to lose though, so perhaps there was wisdom in the timidity.

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