Friday 11 December 2015

Bread and Circuses playtesting review

If ypu haven't already seen it, head on over to Tim's Battleshed Diaries blog for his thoughts on Bread and Circuses, my forthcoming chariot racing rules. Tim is one of the playtesters for the rules, and has been a great help in tightening up any loose ends.

I think he's been enjoying himself; Tim writes:
"In fact, it soon became apparent from my first play test with the Teenager that having an Archer loosing off arrows at my teams before they'd even started is quite expected by the Mob. By the time my first chariot had finally reached the first bend (chariots are activated randomly), the Teenager already had a team trundling slowly ahead with one of the crew, with a mischievous grin, pointing a spear in my chariots direction.

"There are no points for sporting conduct, the Mob expects entertainment. And that's what you get in spades with Bread and Circuses!"

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