Thursday 3 December 2015

The king, has returned.

I recently posted about my Greco-Macedonians for Of Gods and Mortals. Well, as content with my armies as any gamer, I subsequently ordered an eighth we chap to allow me to field my six man unit of hypaspist/hoplites as an eight man unit (with the inclusion of the Amazon). This was always the plan, it just happened earlier than expected - sometimes, I surprise even myself.

I wanted a real stand out leader type figure for the unit, and as all the gents were already pretty dapper (very fancy hats and all), I opted for a more reserved, businessman-like model for the king. King you ask? Well sure, who else would lead the hypastispts? 

So here we have him, the figure is from Gorgon Studios in the US. I think I paid more just in postage to get him than it would have cost to get a pack of four miniatures from somewhere like 1st Corp. But I liked the pose. To me it is part teenager-being-told-off, and part conqueror-looking-down-on-a-burning-city. Together, I think that makes him pretty damn kingly.

Here is His Majesty with his personal retinue consisting of hypaspists and Amazon. I like the effect. Now I just have to decide how to run the unit. I suspect I will either just use the Amazon hoplite roster (Q4 C3 armoured), or maybe use the suggested hypaspist profile from Massimo Moscarelli's OGAM site (Q4 C2 armoured, steadfast).


  1. He looks like he's ready to kick ass and take heads. Cracking work! U sometimes feel that I'm the only one playing this game-!