Saturday, 21 October 2017

Ludi Hetairoi - Bouts 3-6

Following on from the first three bouts of Edu's Ludi Hetairoi, using my card-driven Blood, Sweat and Cheers gladiator rules, I'm very pleased to be able to direct you through to the next three bouts.

Bout four saw Amandus the thracian take on the hoplomachus Simplex.

In the fifth round of fights, the murmillo Actius fought the laquearius Germanus.

And for bout six, the two scissors, Ingenuus and Satur went head to head.

With two bouts to go of day one of the games, I am, rather surprisingly, top of the leader board vis a vis the wagering system that Edu set up for the games. Having placed 100 sestertii in bets, I have so managed to make 185.6 in winnings. We'll watch what happens next with care, but if this keeps up, I might have to have a party, or run for public office, or buy some more slaves, or something...

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