Friday, 27 October 2017

The jötnar

The climactic final scenario of the Thorfinn's Saga mini-campaign will be Thorfinn's attempt to 'appropriate' a magic held by a jötunn, or troll. In regular games of Palaeo Diet they can be used as apex predators, but I have a mind to create a new profile for them to represent their more hominid aspects. These two beasties are Copplestone Castings Yetis, but they will do nicely for my purposes.

Jötunn no. 1. Although provided with 'modesty' fur in the front, both figures have characterful bare bottoms - and somewhat more surprisingly - scrotums. Funny, that the Blogger spell checker doesn't recognise the plural form of scrotum. Ho hum, lets move on.

Jötunn no. 2.

And the obligatory scale shot showing the Macrocosm dwarves with the Copplestone yetis. I think if Thorfinn and the lads ever get into this position, they should keep an eye open for the door of Valhalla.


  1. Latin 'um' ending changes to 'a' in plural.
    Bacterium, Bacteria.
    Pilum, Pila.
    Stadium, Stadia.
    Scrotum, Scrota.
    Etceterum, Etcetera. (See what I did there ;-)