Saturday 9 May 2020

28mm Swashbucklers - Cacique Chipotl

The final part of my swashbuckler diversion will be five 'trope' natives. They are all built off a single plastic sprue (again from Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago), and are not overly historical. However, they fit the bill for generic natives as featured in in the likes of George MacDonald Fraser's The Pyrates, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I got as far as finishing the cacique above, and started to feel a twinge in the back, so am going to have to pause painting for a few days.

For less culturally insensitive inspiration I conducted a quick search for Arawak, Taino and Carib images. I can't guarantee which of the images below genuinely show these peoples (I suspect some show indigenous people of the Amazon), but I know the first one at least is an 1813 painting of a Carib family by Stedman. 

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  1. Beautiful looking figures! Also, nice to see someone else with an affinity to the various Ganesha Games rule sets. Too bad we live on opposite ends of the "pond".