Saturday, 2 May 2020

Gearing up for more Palaeo Diet: Ragnarök-style

A few years back, I ran some Norse-themed games of Palaeo Diet: Eat or Be Eaten. With Coronavirus lockdown in full swing, and my lead pile non-existent pending a Baccus order (which has since arrived), I ordered a few models to flesh out the potential beasts/foes for more games in a mythological Norse setting. This pup from Lucid Eye's Toon Realms range was the first to arrive and be painted. He'll do nicely as a stylised Fenrir - or one of his litter.

Here he is for scale next to one of the 28mm Macrocosm viking dwarves (Jarl Thorfinn Hardluck) that I use as hunters to keep with the caricatured proportions of the rest of my Palaeo Diet stuff. I've no plan to do an specific expansion for Norse-themed adventures - the two Palaeo Diet expansions (Fireside Tales and Pulp) provides a bunch of profiles that will help flesh out my games with no rule changes.

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