Saturday 9 May 2020

28mm Swashbucklers - Capt. Samuel Blood's Buccaneers

Following on from Gideon Brown's blue crew, this week I completed my second group of five swashbucklers, Captain Samuel Blood and his red crew. Like the blue crew, Capt. Blood and most of his buccaneers are built from a Ghost Archipelago plastic sprue with a North Star's resin conversion kits. The lady pirate with attitude is from Black Cat Bases.  

Even with the distinct colour schemes - obviously intended for tabletop recognition more than historical accuracy - I'm pleasantly surprised how easily the figures from the two crews work together. I have tried to use a mix of skin tones and as many piratey tropes as I could manage. Parrot, check; monkey, check; eye patch, check; bottles of rum, check; Arab pirate, check; black pirate, check; saucy Latina pirate, check; cabin boy; check. About the only things missing are a hook and a peg leg. Oh, and natives. But more of them next.

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