Monday 30 March 2020

6mm Napoleonic Austrians - Veteran German Line

Continuing (slow and steady!) with my Baccus 6mm Austrians for Bataille Empire, I have finished the first of my white-coated line regiments - I will have four in the main infantry division in my 1809 corp. I have used infantry wearing the 1798 pattern helmet for this regiment for a couple of reasons. Partly as a way of distinguishing the veteran regiment from regular and conscript line, but mostly because I love the look! These are nominally the Deutschmeister Nr 4 regiment which are generally describe as having light blue facings in modern sources, although Knötel seems to show them with a darker blue.



  1. You can't beat the Austrians for style. Looks very nice

  2. Those look fantastic. I keep finding myself on Baccus' website, looking at a French vs Austrian Army pack...


  3. Splendid, most impressive mass effect!