Monday 16 March 2020

More 10mm halflings for the breakfast gods!

Over the weekend I had plans to paint up a couple more units of 10mm goblin wolf-riders that I have recently bought. However... the mission didn't quite survive contact with the enemy. In other words, I opened a bag of leftover Magister Militum halflings that I had no intention of ever painting up. Two days later I have two more halfling companies and a new sheriff to lead the Hearthshire militia. No painted goblins to be seen though.

The full unit of halfling yeoman pony riders. The new company is on the right. I find that units painted up years apart are never quite the same, but I'm happy that these mix well enough.

A large unit of three companies of militia archers. Again the new company - in the middle - actually fits in pretty well. 

The Sheriff of Hearthshire! This little conversion uses all Magister Militum parts (except for the shield which is the top of a Kallistra rat-man standard). The two shield bearers are  both halfling command figures. The chap on the left used to be a hornist, the chap on the right was a standard bearer. Both had their accouterments removed. The sheriff himself is a common archer with a head swap courtesy of a Greek hoplite.


  1. What an impressive force which really looks the part. I particularly like the look of the Sheriff.

  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care