Monday 9 March 2020

A series of unfortunate events - a rather short game of Irregular Wars...

It all seemed so evenly matched. The Coureur de Bois army had mustered a decent strength and traveled south down the coast to confront a large force of Carib Indians heading north.

... but then we rolled for disease and mishaps. One of the only capable melee units in the Carib army was bought off, the chieftain's Cacique headhunter's own company was revealed to be afflicted by a virulent disease, and a couple of other Carib units had lesser strains of the same disease. 

However, for all that the Caribs were afflicted by disease, the Coureur des Bois army was riddled through and through with their own variety of pox. Three companies rolled for virulent disease, while still others suffered slightly less, but were diseased none-the-less.

In the first turn, the Coureur des Bois moved to form a line along the front of the woods, discourteously keeping all of the sick and demoralised units together in the centre. The Caribs formed a loose line within shooting range. In turn two, the skies opened up and a heavy squall washed across the battlefield. The Coureur des Bois were unable to fire their shot weapons, but the Carib books, while hampered, were able to ping away. Only one company conducted effective fire in the end, but it was enough to cause the demoralised target unit to break and flee. The sight of their allies scattering caused a cascade of resolve loss and the entire centre of the Coureur des Bois force turned and ran.

In turn three, the rain cleared and there was limited return fire from the Frenchmen in the woods. It was not enough however. The massed Carib bows cleared away the last Coureur des Bois companies on the right, leaving only two companies of Indian scouts left in the woods. At that point, we called what must have been the shorted game in Irregular Wars history.

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  1. That sort of thing can happen where random factors apply to force recruitment.
    The positive, is that the "dud" usually misfires early leaving tome to reset and play another.

    It's a far better type of dud than the epic big battle which runs out of time (We've all been there??), or a game where the decisive event occurs in turn two, but it's necessary to grind on for 2 more pointless hours to reach a conclusion.

    Keep posting the game reports, we love to see the little men in their natural habitat.