Tuesday 28 April 2020

10mm halfling rogue WIP

Today was not a good day working from home. Combining work with home-schooling is one of the biggest challenges - perhaps the biggest - of the current Covid-19 lock-down. There are better days and worse days, but this wasn't a good one. By way of distraction/creative release, I decided to have a go at sculpting my first miniature: a new character (a rogue or captain) for my 10mm halfling army. She's not what you'd call a classic beauty, but she does have a certain comeliness - if I do say so myself. 

Here you can see the scale that I'm working in. From the feet to the top of her head she is 6mm tall - and almost as wide. She is the same height as the Magister Militum halfling infantry (but not their cavalry who are rather massive by comparison). She comes up to the belt of the Pendraken elven swordsman.

I've no idea how she will come out when painted, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

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