Sunday 12 April 2020

More 10mm Greeks/Macedonians

Next off the painting table are three more unit of 10mm 'Greeks' for my Classical Macedonian army. The queue of remaining 'stuff to be painted' is now looking very short - only one more unit of 10mm hoplites; then onto other minis that are currently AWOL somewhere in the manufacturing/postal process.

A second unit of Magister Militum archers for my force.

A sixth unit of peltasts/Macedonian levy - also from Magister Militum.

And a second unit of light cavalry. These are the new Thessalian cavalry from Pendraken (unlike all my existing mounted units which are Magister Militum). 

As a unit, these are really nice figures. The horses are superb sculpts, even if the riders are a bit like muscle-bound mountain men. They've hugely muscled arms and their faces are really just bushy beards with noses.

Above you can see the Pendraken cavalry on the left, and Magister Militum light cavalry on the right. The biggest shame from my perspective, and this is no specific criticism of either company, is that the figures are not really compatible. You certainly wouldn't want them on the same base. The Pendraken sculpts are much finer, but as a result their horses are dwarfed by their MM colleagues. Indeed, the Pendraken cavalry are not much taller than MM infantry.


  1. Well done, most impressive details, I do like the infantry...

  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care