Sunday 19 April 2020

The terror of Terry the Terror - Song of Blades and Heroes

My wee lad and I have had a good few games of Song of Blades and Heroes over the last few weeks. I've been keeping the warbands pretty simple, but he's becoming quite adept. Taking advantage of the sunny weather, we took our 200 point game outside this weekend for a clash between his knights led by Sir John the Magpie, and supported his ghost (with the Terror special rule - I have decided to call him Terry). I ran out a warband of four dvergr led by Thorfinn Hardluck and supported by two trolls.

Making far too much use Terry the ghost (I forgot to give him the undead special rule, so we reasoned he was just a bloke wearing a sheet), my lad took an early lead, eliminating my two dvergr archers. However, I then counter attacked with Thorfinn and the trolls, sweeping up over a hill (if stunty legs can 'sweep') and attacking his axeman and Sir John.

Despite knocking the axeman down, my Scandi trolls failed to finish him off. Sir John then charged the right-most troll and as he reached back his arm to swing his mace, the troll ripped his head off, pulled out his spine and used it as a whip... a supremely brutal kill. The rest of Sir John's retinue ran from the table, but Terry hung around.

My delightful child then used Terry the Terror to great effect. He charged at each of my remaining figures in turn who all fled before him. Good lad. 😏

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