Sunday 26 April 2020

Mammoths on the beach - sunny spring hunt with Palaeo Diet

Continuing to enjoy the sun while it hangs out in the Irish sky, my lad and I took Palaeo Diet outside this weekend for a wee co-operative mammoth hunt. We each started with three hunters from 'the tribe' (you don't need tribe names when there are no other tribes). I controlled Ogg the Calm (spear) and Frygga (spear), both starting on the beach to the south, and Tark (bow) starting off inland to the east. He controlled Fergg (fire) who started inland next to Tark, and also Bow the Thinker (bow) and Rarr (axe) who started off the beach to the north. Earlier, the tribe had dug a decent-sized pit and then sat back to await a small migrating herd of mammoths (large grazers). In the interim, a couple of feisty boars (pack predators) had also moved into the area. For the hunt to be a success, the tribe would need to kill enough animals to produce six bulk. 

In the opening stages of the hunt, Frygga and Og skulked up on the mammoth herd from the south, while Rarr and Bow moved in from the north.

Tark skulked towards the nearest boars, keeping low and slow, and silent as a stoat. Unfortunately, Fergg sneezed, the boar was alerted, spun round and charged straight at Tark, goring him badly before running off.

Fergg then ran at the other boar, brandishing his fire high to stop it getting wet in the bog. The second boar was completely spooked and fled straight into the pit. Two bulk worth of food in the proverbial pot.

Meanwhile, Ogg and Frygga made a co-ordinated attack on one of the mammoths. Frygga's spear went wide, but Ogg's found its mark and caused a wound, The angry mammoth charged in retaliation wounding Ogg.

Frygga, distraught, attacked the wounded mammoth chasing it off. Bow and Rarr then made their way into the centre of the mammoth herd. They managed to alert one of the beasts which also charged Ogg, wounding him a second time and knocking him out of the hunt.

Seeing the wounded mammoth heading north up the waterline, Fergg loped off to head it off, chasing it back towards Rarr and Frygga.

Rarr managed to wound it again with his axe, but was trampled in turn and collapsed. Tark's arrows continued to bounce off the mammoths thick hide, and it was down to Frygga to hurl the two spears that ultimately brought the mammoth down.

So at the end of the hunt, the tribe had successfully bagged six bulk of food (the mammoth and the boar in the pit), but at a great cost to themselves. Both Ogg and Rarr had been badly wounded and only time would tell if they would die of their wounds or recover to hunt again.


  1. Nice batrep. Your miniatures and terrain look great, love those cartoony cavemen.

  2. Always great to see a mammoth hunt.
    Quick, uncomplicated fun.
    Just how I like it.

    And plenty of "tasty bits" to sustain the tribe..