Thursday 16 April 2020

Surprise Horizon Wars scramble in a ruined city

The young master surprised me this evening asking for an introductory game of Horizon Wars. Happy to oblige, I selected two simple enough 9P forces from my collection and we set up a small 2' square table of buildings and ruins.

I ran the European Empire running a P6 super mech and three squads of dragoon mobile infantry. He controlled a P3 mech, a P2 mech and two mobile artillery pieces from the Elysium Trading Company. 

He grasped the concepts of the game really quickly. And then I crushed him. Mercilessly. About time too.

Good game. ­čśü


  1. Nice little setup. I see Heavy Gear, Epic and Onslaught stuff. Can't believe how well they mix!

    1. Thanks. One of the benefits of 6mm sci-fi I suppose. ­čśÇ

    2. Seems like so. Until now I have always kept my Battletech stuff from all things Epic. That might change now. :)