Friday, 2 June 2017

Fuch's reinforcements

Although these particular lads have yet to see any (tabletop) action, they have already bee reinforced with more 15mm AB Prussians! The force now stands as follows.

Kapitän Johan Fuchs (Status III Leader), 9 points
Unteroffizier Shultz (Status I Leader), 3 points
Hornist Schwartz, 2 points
Sharpshooter Schnaps, 2 points
3x Jäger groups, 30 points
Total 46 points

Sgt. Schultz is always going to be a bit hard to spot on the table because AB do not produce any unique NCO sculpts for their Prussians. However, as it seems the only rank insignia for Jäger NCOs was gold trim on their collar and cuffs, I suppose there is no real call for separate sculpts. Schultz has the gold trim, but it's not really obvious at a distance.


  1. Superb minis and pictures!

  2. That's why I put my leaders on 20mm bases and troops on 15mm. Means even NCOs stands out.
    Lovely figures though.