Friday, 23 June 2017

More Flytrap Factory cavies

 I'm delighted to say that three more brave (if not bright) hunters are almost ready to join my tribe.  All three are from the second pack to the original 20mm hunters produced by Flytrap Factory in New Zealand (now re-branded as pygmy hunters alongside their 28mm range).

With the exception of the centre gentleman, all of  the FF cavies come armed with spears, but Palaeo Diet: Eat of be Eaten allows for four different equipment types: spears, clubs, bows and fire. Among my existing hunters, Fergg had already been modified as a fire carrier (green stuff flame courtesy of my mate Jim), and Bow had received a quick nip and tuck weapon swap, switching his spear for a plastic bow (again donated by Jim).

To flesh out my tribe a bit I wanted more variation. The big boy already carried a club, so that was great. However, seeing a hulking brute with a club made me think immediately of Herakles/Hercules. Herakles is usually shown wearing the impenetrable skin of the Nemean Lion so I wanted to do something similar here. Decapitating a Flytrap Factory squirrel-rat, and a spot of Milliput later (my first ever Milliputing!), and my prehistoric Herc has an animal skin headdress!

To the right of Herc is Tark, another archer. He has suffered the same quick knife-work as Bow and received another of the plastic bows donated by Jim. On the left is Rarr. Rarr had the base of the spear shaft and the very tip of his spear removed. Then, part of the spearhead taken away from Tark was added to make an axehead. Finally, my second ever attempt as Milliputting was perpetrated when I added some leather binding around the axehead. This not only makes the axehead look more convincingly attached to the shaft, but also obscures my shoddy joining work. Everyone is a winner!

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