Saturday 2 July 2022

10mm Dire Wolves and Necromancer

Yep... I'm really enjoying painting these Forest Dragon Vampire Counts. Making the most of Covid recovery to get as much of the small army done for Fantastic Battles as I can! Just finished are a two-company unit of Dire Wolves, and a happy-go-lucky necromancer.

Since the 19th century discovery of pleistocene dire wolf bones in North America, fictionalised dire wolves have cropped up in numerous fantastic settings (Warhammer, D&D, Game of Thrones etc), extremely large, powerful, and blessed/cursed with human like intellegence, they usually bear little resemblance to their prehistoric inspiration. My new pups are no different! Huge, battle-scarred wolves the size of small horses, they will haunt the woodlands at the behest of their vampiric masters.

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