Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Faustus Furius at Aberdeen Wargames Club

I was recently contacted by John from Aberdeen Wargames Club to let me know that the club had instigated a club FAVSTVS FVRIVS competition. The photos below show the track from the final race (held earlier this month). 

I am reliably informed that Carlos came in first and Andy got the wooden spoon. 😊

John goes on to say "We have also developed a version of the game which we call Faustus Furious Mechanicus Podicus, based on the pod racing scene in Star Wars -The Phantom Menace. There are a couple of variations  from the basic rules like snipers and sand worms but it is 98% FF as written. We are planning to put on a participation game at the Claymore Show in Edinburgh in August." There are a few more photos below of the trial pod racing game that they  will host at Claymore. The group's original challenge was to build the pods from no more than 5 items bought at a pound shop, but that has since been expanded to include any pieces of junk that people have kept in their boxes of bits.

The game looks fantastic, so if you are visiting Claymore, drop on by and say hello!

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