Saturday, 16 July 2022

10mm Vampire Nobs

Finishing up the first 500 points of my Fantastic Battles Gothic-Noir/County-Dining-Association army are the Countess (warlord), and a few aristocratic vampire followers. As with everything else in the army showcased so far, these are 3D printed miniatures sculpted by Forest Dragon. I have to repeat that I am really loving building this army!

The Countess herself, along with a baron to serve as one of her captains.

Two elite companies of vampiric knights; these have been built using feast as the army's racial trope, along with the mounted and furious charge traits.When I expand the army I will add the proud trait as well to represent their dismissive attitude to lesser beings. 


  1. Wonderful minis well painted, really don't want to start another army but these are very tempting!

    1. It is a wonderful range. I've never been tempted by undead/vamps before, but I couldn't resist these.