Sunday, 3 July 2022

10mm Ghouls!

The last of the miniatures painted during my post-Covid down days are these four companies of Forest Dragon ghouls. Originally pre-Islamic demons from the Middle East, ghouls have come to be seen as cannibalistic fiends driven mad by their hunger for human flesh. In my Gothic Noir vampire army for Fantastic Battles, I'll be running these as irregular companies with the feast trope, and malodorous and impulsive traits to represent their enthusiasm to reach fresh victims, and the universal revulsion that their dining habits cause in others.

Like everything else sculpted by Forest Dragon, these are superb figures and really capture the ghastly visage that ghouls conjure in the imagination. I am trying out different approaches in my painting style with this army, using a white undercoat and playing around more with thinned paints and dry brushing to let the quality of the sculpts shine through. I don't normally go in for 'evil' armies, but these are just classic! 

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