Saturday, 23 July 2022

10mm Fantastic Battles - 3000 point Battle of the Unholy Alliances

This week, seven of us sat down at Lisburn Gaming Club for a game of Fantastic Battles with 3000 points a side. The photo above shows the game early on. To the left, the Unholy Alliance consisting of (top to bottom): 1000 pts Undead, 500 pts Vampires, 500 pts Goblins, and 1000 pts Undead; to the right, the other Unholy Alliance of (top to bottom) 1000 pts Wood Elves, 1000 points Celts, 1000 pts Dark Elves.

At the left of the Undead line, Neil's skeletons were bested by Roger's Wood Elves. The massive ripple of resolve loss caused by the Undead mage-lord's death (should that be his most recent death?) meant the end of the reanimated legions. 

In the centre, my new Vampiric force along with a small body of Goblins commanded by Brendan took on Dave's Celts, generally getting the better of the wild and hairy ones, but suffering badly at the hands of the Celtic ogres and their heavy melee weapons. The vampires and ghouls performed well, and feasting on the corpses of the slain was fun, but sadly my countess (warlord) was felled by an ogre's maul towards the end of the battle. Dave's warlord also died, but to the sneaky hands of the Goblins. Some of Brendan's units, including his own warlord spent much of the battle attaking the flank of the Dark Elves down the line.

At the end of the line, Bill's Undead (supported by Brendan's Goblins) took on Chris's Dark Elves, giving them a bit of a mauling.

With 6000 points worth of units on the table, it was obviously a bit hard for me to keep a handle on everything that happened. However, with the Celts and Dark Elves defeated, we were happy to call it a win for the forces of Undeath (with their green-skinned auxiliaries). Neil's skeletons may have faired the worst, but sure, they can just be reanimated again! The game worked very well with seven players, coming to a satisfactory conclusion in about two and a half hours. 

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